Briffa Celebrates – Elivar

Written by Margaret Briffa | November 15, 2016

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elivarI’ve spoken before about my sporting achievements on this blog, so it will be no surprise I kept a low profile this morning when Elivar visited us. Elivar is all about opitimised sports nutrition for the over 35’s. The idea being that instead of being ‘over the hill’ Elivar can help you be ‘the first person over the hill’.  And it works. Elivar Recover, the one to take to repair your body following an endurance session has just won an industry award, grabbing Silver in  the Men’s Running Magazine for post-race nutrition. This adds to a long list of accolades for this brand. With training for the London Marathon now underway in earnest this seems a good time for any runner over 35 to get to know Elivar and how it can help you in the race of your life.

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