Briffa Celebrates – Time for Tea with Bill Asprey

Written by Margaret Briffa | March 30, 2017

Intellectual Property

What better than tea with a long term client – world renowned cartoonist Bill Asprey. Perhaps best known for his work on ‘Love Is’ from 1975 onwards Bill has a huge body of very diverse work. He has contributed to almost every major publication in the UK and drawn thousands of cartoons under his nom de plume LEON as well as his own name much of which is syndicated worldwide. My favourite works are the Big Friendly Giant strip which Bill worked on with journalist Brian Lee to adapt Roald Dahl’s book into a weekly cartoon strip. While currently busy on a new project Bill made time for a tea time catch up and we nattered for hours. I also introduced Bill to Duncan Raban, our artist in residence at Briffa and as fellow creatives they hit it off as if they were old friends. Bill is a true giant of the cartoon world and a talented story teller and artist. As well as running his own business and continuing to produce lots of new work Bill is also creator and founder of Cartoon World an organisation which has become a focal point of cartoon enthusiasts and professionals as well as aspiring cartoonists. You can find Bill Asprey at and Cartoon World at



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