Briffa Celebrates – Chin Chin Labs Nitro Ice-Cream

Written by Margaret Briffa | July 27, 2017

Intellectual Property

What better treat for a Briffa Celebrates summer visit than to Chin Chin Lab’s new Dessert Emporium in Soho. I have been a fan of Chin Chin ever since it opened its Nitro Lab in Camden 7 years ago and thrilled when we started helping them with their intellectual property matters. Run by young and energetic husband and wife team Ahrash and Nyisha a great idea with a strong brand presence is always a target for copycats!

Chin Chin’s new outlet is perfect for Soho in the same way that its original Camden market store screams North London. Chin Chin Soho is busy all day long but draws a large after dinner crowd from the local restaurants. The place is bang on trend exploiting the boom in non-alcoholic treats. There is still the exciting flare up of liquid nitrogen which is so characteristic of the Camden Chin Chin Nitro Lab and its used to make some very innovative ice-creams including Avo (Avocado) Taco which I sampled (yum) but the science lab vibe of Camden has given way to a more sophisticated offering including desserts such as Titty and Club Cake and ice cream tarts finished off with a blow torched sugar crust. After trying my hand at the mixing, Ahrash treated me to a spectacular ‘Chouxwich’ and yes it did taste as good as it looks. I’ll be back. I encourage you to go if you are in and around Soho. You will be dazzled!

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