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Working from home – top tips for the lockdown

Whilst the world adapts to a new normal many of us are trying to get accustomed to working from home. WFH used to be a bit of a perk, now it’s an obligation, so we all need to work out how to do it effectively and, unfortunately, for a long period. So here are my top tips to get you through the coming weeks and months… Get tech savy As the old saying goes, it’s…
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Intellectual property in a changed world

Will the current crisis bring about lasting change to the way in which we use Intellectual Property? We look at the areas where a little bit of altruism may go a long way. In a race against time to find a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus the traditional wisdom of how to manage intellectual property may change. Intellectual Property Rights are monopolistic and selfish creatures. They operate on the basis that to ensure innovation a…
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Coronavirus & IP

We are living in unprecedented times, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) travel across the EU has been suspended, London tubes are running a reduced service and, unfortunately, many of us will be impacted on a personal level. However, Coronavirus is also having an impact on the world of intellectual property. I should note that at Briffa, we are continuing as normal, our practice continues and we continue to service and support our large…
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How to protect a TV format

Game show formats and reality TV shows like Love Island and Big Brother have been extremely popular not only in the UK, but also internationally. Format rights are therefore important both commercially and creatively, however, since a TV format is essentially an idea for a TV programme, it is difficult to protect it as copyright works (as copyright does not protect ideas). In the UK, TV format can potentially be subject to copyright protection as:…
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Classic Copyright Cases – Stairway to Heaven

I write with some fantastic news this week. You may be familiar with the Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven dispute which has been going on for longer than I care to remember. In case you don’t already know, all the way back in 2014 the rock band Spirit took legal action against the UK legends, claiming that the guitar introduction to Stairway to Heaven infringed their copyright in respect of their 1968 song Taurus. Have…
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Shop front Hugo Boss

The artist formerly known as Joe Lycett

I love Joe Lycett. His dry wit never fails to disappoint. In particular, his stories about: tracking down a lost cat who answers to the name Samantha Peterson; writing a letter of complaint challenging a parking fine; and scamming a Gumtree scammer, are gold. All on YouTube. You go watch them, I’ll wait. What’s in a name? He’s funny, right? So, most recently, he made a name for himself (pun intended) by legally changing his…
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Child privacy

Child Data Privacy Code

The ICO have published the final version of its Age Appropriate Design Code (“the code”), which sets out the standards that online services need to meet in order to protect children’s privacy. It applies to providers of information services likely to be accessed by children in the UK, including applications, programs, websites, social media platforms, messaging services, games, community environments and connected toys and devices, where these offerings involve the processing of personal data. The…
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Rolled film


Back in April 2015, the film studio behind German comedy film “Fack Ju Göhte” did what film studios are expected to do in that situation– they filed a trade mark for the title of their film. This made perfect sense – the sequel to the first instalment (released in 2013) was on its way, and they wanted to protect the IP in the name of their growing franchise. The EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) had…
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Making mass produced products protectable by copyright

The High Court has recently set out a new test and some helpful guidance as to whether 3D objects are protected by copyright as works of artistic craftsmanship. The upshot of this decision is that it will now be easier for mass produced items, such as furniture, to be protected by copyright law as works of artistic craftsmanship. Historically for 3D objects to be protected by copyright, the object had to either qualify as a…
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