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GDPR: is this thing on?

Was GDPR really such a big deal? People started talking about the notorious GDPR in earnest in 2016. It was the veritable Eye of Sauron. It was definitely coming. And it was probably going to get you. Maybe your children too. There was a lot of talk about consent. If you overheard someone’s name or another piece of information that might identify them, it was best to get their explicit consent in writing. Ideally, in…
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Is a Gentleman’s Agreement legally binding?

Recently, I was thinking about the number of legal contracts that are entered into everyday by thousands, if not millions, of people that they may not event be aware of. From a legal perspective, every time you purchase a drink from a newsagent, or a t shirt from a high-street retailer, you are entering into a consumer contract to purchase goods. There is no written contract in place, but the terms of the contract are…
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All guns blazin’ in a heated trade mark dispute

A well renowned brewery in Colorado, USA Oskar Blues Brewery (“the Brewery”) are up against American Rock band Guns N’ Roses (“the Band”) in a lawsuit concerning an alleged trade mark infringement of the Band’s name. The Brewery’s attempt to register ‘Guns ‘N Rosé’ for one of its most recent canned beers backfired when they were faced with a lawsuit from the Band’s lawyers. The Band have a registered trade mark for the name ‘Guns…
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#hashtagthat – Should you be registering hashtag trade marks

Businesses are increasingly asking whether trademarking a hashtag is a good way for them to spread the reach of their advertising campaigns and raise awareness for their goods or services. Hashtag trade marks are either a #word or #saying and in theory as long as the hashtag trade mark meets the basic requirements for trade mark registration there is no barrier to registration. This means that if your hashtag mark is distinctive and capable of…
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We still need to talk about Brexit (sorry)

For most people in the UK, whichever side of the political divide they sit, mentioning Brexit is fast becoming the equivalent to running over your neighbour’s cat. Careless, disrespectful and, ultimately, unforgivable. However, you’re going to have to forgive me for bringing it up again. Not because I want to upset you but instead because I want to warn you (and I promise this isn’t project fear). I need to warn you that now is…
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Music mixer

BRIFFA – music lawyers

Here at Briffa, we specialise in all forms of Intellectual Property Law, but we also offer specialist advice in particular areas and industries which have their own unique set of issues and considerations, and therefore require first-hand knowledge and experience. The music industry is certainly one of these unique areas, for which you need to take expert legal advice from solicitors with a particular focus on music law and with in-depth experience and knowledge of…
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Phone and social media lettering

The perils of posting on social media

The perils of posting on social media Who doesn’t love social media? We all tweet, post, share, and upload like there is no tomorrow. It allows us to directly reach large audiences and interact with others in real-time. Social media is also fast becoming an important tool for businesses who use it to educate, inform and communicate with the public. But there are things to think about before going on a posting frenzy: 1.    Copyright…
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Easy jet

Is it as easy as it looks?

easyGroup, the holding company for a number of ‘easy’ companies including easyJet, easyHotel, easyBookings and many more, has welcomed a new member to its ever-growing family of easy brands: ‘easyNetworks’. With a name like ‘Easy Networks’ it is no surprise that this Portsmouth-based telecoms company eventually appeared on easyGroup’s radar. easyGroup has a long history of trying to protect the ‘easy’ prefix and prevent others from trading on the its goodwill and reputation; according to…
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Nike’s proactive approach to IP brings claims against OneMix

We all know so many brand names and businesses that have become household names for us. I think we can all agree that Nike is one of those household brand names we all know. Nike is a global brand that designs, creates and sells athletic and sportswear. Companies such as Nike that have a global presence around the world really take their intellectual property rights seriously and in doing so have reached the heights of…
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IP on board sign safety

IP on Board – Protecting Creativity in the Auto Industry

The auto industry is rich in IP. Trade marks protect all-important brand names, logos and taglines. Registered designs protect things like trade dress, upholstery patterns and the shape and design of wheels and other car parts. Patents protect various technologies and technological improvement in areas such as connectivity, locking, intelligent braking, reversing and steering and much, much more. And copyright and contractually protected know-how also protect a wealth of valuable materials and proprietary information that…
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