IP Audits

Historically, many businesses would think of instructing lawyers irregularly and mostly for drafting contracts or when a problem or dispute arises.

Such an approach does not generally benefits clients and is not the way Briffa generally works with clients.

For us, good legal advice goes far beyond drafting skills. Our advice and services are designed to provide strategic and practical added value for clients, not just the benefit of our technical legal skills and knowledge.

Many clients come to us knowing that they have created something unique, highly creative and valuable, but they do not fully appreciate the many options available to protect and monetise what they have created in the best way.

Our clients are creative and so are we – many of the services and products we offer were developed by us specifically to meet clients needs and are not available from other law firms.

In particular, we offer 

  • IP audits (see below)
  • Anti-counterfeiting plans
  • Design protect insurance
  • Brand protect insurance
  • Briffa watch
  • Trademark checks and searches
  • Litigation funding
  • Brand clearance

Strategic advice may also include, right from an early stage, anticipating possible problems and pitfalls relating to ownership of IP, issues relating to control or exit where external investors are already involved or will be needed and many other potential issues.

At Briffa, our team are highly experienced and commercial. Our strategic advice is often as valuable to clients as our legal expertise.

Intellectual Property Audits

Some types of IP, such as inventions and designs are easy to identify and then originator or designer will generally be aware of the potential value and need to consider protection.  However, IP now covers so many different assets that it can be easy to overlook what you have, who owns it and the need to protect it.

There are many examples, but as one simple example, consider your business website – do you own the domain, do you own the content? How do you protect these valuable assets? This is a simple example of what can be easily overlooked, causing problems and possibly losses for your business.

Identify your IP Assets, Rights and Risks and Plan Strategically

It makes clear business sense to regularly identify, assess and protect your valuable IP and we offer a highly experienced service which will help you, amongst other things, to :-

  • Identify and strategically consider what IP you/your business have, it’s potential value and how to best monetise what you have.
  • Identify legal and other risks whether internal or external for your business, risks due to failure to protect IP assets or misunderstandings as to perceived value and/or  relating to believing that competitors cannot or will not try to recreate what you have created;
  • Clarify the risks and rewards of leveraging your intellectual property, whether designs, content, invention, software, technical patent or other by expanding into new markets or channels of trade;
  • Check, if any of your intellectual property is licensed to 3rd parties, that they are complying with the terms of the license;
  • Assist with analysis of risks and flaws relating to protecting trade secrets and confidential information;
  • Consider any employment law issues associated with an employee’s involvement in developing intellectual property and/or risks you have not spotted with employees and your IP rights and value;
  • Identify critical timings when your IP protection or rights run out so that action can be taken in good time before such dates .
  • Put together the right information to demonstrate your business value for financing, investment, merger, joint venture, or sale.
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